The Ultimate Guide
to Getting a 2nd Passport

Get the inside information on all the top countries in one place.

Learn all of the different ways to get a second (or third) citizenship.

Get started on this NOW before the next pandemic or world crisis (economic or otherwise) hits you.

2nd Passport is a Must

With your government acting up daily and the economy all over the place, you must have options on where to live and work.

Do you trust your politicians to keep your taxes low and not impose new restrictions on your freedom? We don’t either.

How to Pick a Country

Learn our frame work for picking a country.

What details matter and which ones don’t.

Tips to save you time and money.

All in one place.

How it Works

The exact process in each country to get Citizenship & a 2nd passport.

Connections to agencies and law firms that can help you if you want.

Free Support Included

We are there to help you figure out your own personal plan for a 2nd passport.

Unlimited support to answer your questions and help you!

You won’t be alone in figuring out the best plan for you and your family.

You Know You Need a 2nd Passport

You saw what happened when governments tried to handle a crisis like Covid 19.

The last 2 years of Covid 19 has really showed us a lot about how the world works.
Did you think YOUR GOVERNMENT did a good job? Political party didn’t seem to make a difference.

The incompetence, the outright lying and frankly terrible mismanagement was obvious to anyone who was paying attention like yourself.

What if you are Canadian and decide you don’t want to take a government mandated, experimental shot (not a vaccine, those actually work)? If you only have a Canadian passport, you won’t be allowed to travel or leave the country for 2 years. Not if you had a 2nd passport.

What if you are American and you realize that the government is only going to get worse, raising your taxes to pay for trillions in money printing. If you only have an American passport, you are left with moving to a different state as your only option. Not if you had a 2nd passport.

What if you are European and your government decides to wreck your economy in the pursuit of lowering carbon emissions? What if they pursue energy and food policies that lead to shortages and price spikes?  If you only have an EU passport, you have to join the protest and hope for the best. Not if you had a 2nd passport.

We’ll show you how to get your 2nd passport (and 3rd)

Learn all the inside info:

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a 2nd Passport

Save a ton of time googling and watching youtube videos.

Get one comprehensive resource AND free support.

Why You MUST Get Started NOW

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

We know it can seem intimidating to deal with Immigration and Naturalization laws.
Especially dealing with foreign governments.
That’s why we’re here to help you.
There’s all kinds of great information available online.
But it’s hard to sort through everything and figure out how it would work FOR YOU.
That’s why it’s helpful to have a trusted source to help you understand and apply it.
Chris and his team were very responsive to my questions. I was not used to getting help that fast. I have always wanted to live abroad and this helped me figure out how to do it.
Robert Jameson
E-Commerce Business Owner
We put it all into one ULTIMATE GUIDE.
It comes with FREE SUPPORT. Email us anytime with questions.
You will have lifetime access as we update the report on a regular basis .
You will have access to new tools that we are developing right now to help in this entire process.

You Need to Get Started NOW

Take the time to prepare for the next crisis and have all your new documents in hand.
This is too important to put things off and “do it when I have more time.”
Let’s get the ball rolling now.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a 2nd Passport

Get the inside information on all the top countries in one place.

Get started now with FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT.