Thai Elite Visa

Tired of visa hopping? You can stay in Thailand as long as you want

Whether you want to stay for a week or a decade, Thailand has a visa for you. This is not true everywhere.

Love the beaches in Phuket or can’t wait to get your next bowl of soup on the street in Bangkok? It is hard to resist the allure of Thailand’s wonderful people, delicious cuisine, and relatively low cost of living.

Here’s how most people do it:

Visa waiver for US Citizens:

30 days to start (automatic, no cost or paperwork – visa on arrival)

Can do this 6 times year up to 180 days total

Pros: visa on arrival, no cost and easy to do.

Cons: only 30 days. You have to leave and come back.

Single Entry or One Year Tourist Visa

90 days at a time each 6 months (must apply in advance)

180 days per year

Pros: get 90 days at a time instead of 30.

Cons: have to apply in advance and prove the requirements (paperwork). STILL have to go out every 90 days and come back in.

This is ok to check out Thailand the first few times.

But now you want to stay longer. What’s the best option?

How about having a guy meet you at the airport, walk you through customs and take you to your bag claim?

You get treated like a rock star. This is like Bono from U2 coming to Bangkok.

You’re in the VIP and you can skip the line.

Plus they help you with the paperwork and the whole process. You can apply from outside the country and have a guy waiting at the airport to give it to you when you arrive! It gives you a different level of convenience.

This is how it works when you get the Thai Elite Visa.

This is Thailand’s VIP multi-entry tourist visa for those who have extra love for Thailand and the cash to prove it.

Stay As Long As You Want Each Year

365 day permission to stay

5, 10, or 20 year visa

1 time fee

No minimum number of days per year you have to stay

Single person and family options available

No taxes owed

Check out the chart below for the costs associated with each time frame.

Thai Elite Visa

These are the numbers for a single person. You can pay for spouses and entire families, too.

Please note that the cost might change a couple of years from now.

That VIP feeling

Paperwork completed for you

Special treatment at Thai airports

Expedited immigration process

VIP experiences at spas and golf clubs

If you are a Nomad that has some real income, you can pay to make things as easy as possible. Compare this to a one-year Digital Nomad visa, which is not cheap. Plus it has MORE paperwork and no one is there to help you fill it out. This is NOT that much more than a typical Digital Nomad Visa.

$17,673 US sounds like a lot but over 5 years, it’s $3,535 a year. If you really are going to hang in Thailand for extended periods of time, it’s a bargain. Just like your Global Entry and Pre Check.

If you frequent Thailand, this headache free, long-term visa is well worth the price tag.

Say good-bye to visa hopping and say hello to the Thai Elite Visa.

Ready to apply? Head over to to start your application.

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