Soon You’ll Be Able to Renew Your Passport Online


Facebook Twitter Instagram There’s a New Passport Renewal Program The service will go live in December, and once it does, you’ll be able to renew your passport online if you meet three requirements. This is for US Passports only. To be able to do your passport renewal online, you need three things: you have a […]

How to Obtain a Digital Nomad Visa in Spain


Facebook Twitter Instagram Changing the Face of Working from Home Back in the 1980s’ if you said you worked from home, especially as an entrepreneur, people considered you “unemployed.” They would place you in the category of “inventor.” Today, if you work from home in your own business or remotely and aren’t bound by geography, […]

Learning a New Language for Travel


Facebook Twitter Instagram Traveling to a foreign country can pose challenges when visiting a place where they don’t speak your native tongue. For example, how do you ask where the bathroom is? Where can you find a taxi? When does the local marketplace open? These can be reasonably easy to know or can become a […]

How to Apply for a Second Passport in Mexico 2022

Apply Second passport in Mexico

When you are looking for a second passport, Mexico is an ideal solution. You get visa-free access to over 150 other countries. You can visit some, like China, that you don’t get a visa waiver with a US passport. As everyone who reads this blog knows, a second passport allows you the freedom to change […]

Top 3 Digital Nomad Visas 2022

digital nomad visa

One you’ve spent a certain amount of time in a country on a tourist visa, you might want to stay longer. What do you do if you want to stay longer in one country? You’ll need an actual visa now. If you are a digital nomad or remote worker permanently living abroad, one of your […]

Thai Elite Visa 2022

Thai Elite Visa

Facebook Twitter Instagram Tired of visa hopping? You can stay in Thailand as long as you want Whether you want to stay for a week or a decade, Thailand has a visa for you. This is not true everywhere. Love the beaches in Phuket or can’t wait to get your next bowl of soup on […]

Avoiding Double Taxation Living Abroad 2022

Avoiding Double Taxation Living Abroad

Facebook Twitter Instagram If you want to live outside your home country full time, you will want to figure out your plan for paying taxes. It all comes down to how long you stay in any one country in a calendar year (outside your home country) and the relevant local tax laws. Avoid paying double […]