Travel Report for Asian Countries

Facebook Twitter Instagram It has been about 2 years since the pandemic hit and the year 2022 is drawing near, each of the countries is slowly adjusting to the huge change and is now finally starting to open up the boarders.  Let’s take a look at specifics for each country. Japan Japan is reopening the […]

Soon You’ll Be Able to Renew Your Passport Online


Facebook Twitter Instagram There’s a New Passport Renewal Program The service will go live in December, and once it does, you’ll be able to renew your passport online if you meet three requirements. This is for US Passports only. To be able to do your passport renewal online, you need three things: you have a […]

Learning a New Language for Travel


Facebook Twitter Instagram Traveling to a foreign country can pose challenges when visiting a place where they don’t speak your native tongue. For example, how do you ask where the bathroom is? Where can you find a taxi? When does the local marketplace open? These can be reasonably easy to know or can become a […]

Albania: Perfect Fit for Americans

Albania: Perfect Fit for Americans

Facebook Twitter Instagram Fortunately for your budget, many people don’t know where Albania is. Or they think it’s some sort of “dangerous” mafia country. This hidden gem was discovered by many during the pandemic. Until 2020, most didn’t consider Albania because they could go to famous neighbor countries such as Croatia, Italy or Greece. During Covid, it […]

How Tourist Visas Work 2022

How Tourist Visas Work

How to Live Abroad with the Least Hassle If you want to live for extended periods of time outside your home country, you need to understand how visas work and when you need them. And when you don’t. Immigration When You Land at the Airport Every country on the planet wants to control the flow […]