Game of Life

It is 2022. The future is here.

Life is a now a video game.

You are Player One. The only player.

Everyone else is NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Life has always been a game.

Until recently, the way to win the game was to survive and not die. For the entire history of humans, there were so many ways you could die: war, disease, accidents, and bad luck. A life well lived was one that you didn’t die. Maybe you rose out of poverty and had some control in your life. People were mostly peasants, slaves, and farmers. A tiny few were kings or princes.

Now that the whole world has leveled up, the game has changed. Especially in the modern first world. The goal is to play the game well and beat out enough people to make fuck you money. Then you have won and can quit the game. This is high stress and most hate the game.

With the advent of the internet, augmented reality, and Covid, real life is more and more like a video game.

Video games have rules, levels, scorekeeping, and a path to win the game.

You get a finite number of lives and if you lose them, the game is over.

What if you take over the game design? You are the designer AND the player.

You decide the rules, you decide the game and you decide when you win.

You only have one life.

The goal is to make it through the levels and achieve your dream life. A dream life is to have enough of each kind of freedom (financial, family and personal) that every day you get up and do exactly what you want to do all day.

This does not mean that you have no problems, issues or challenges. It means you choose the arena where your challenges and problems arise. You choose your mission so the struggle is meaningful to you and your family.

Every game needs a Mission Statement or Manifesto. Here is ours:


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  • Not just living but living well.
  • Creating your own bubble of world domination on your own terms.
  • Anti-fragile: cannot be run to zero or held in one place.
  • Nations, states and localities will change the rules of their game from time to time.
  • You adjust your Dream World to continue to win no matter what happens.


  • Choose a base of operations (location), secondary locations, style, and mode of living.
  • Develop consistent cash flow that is in line with your core values.
  • Build wealth but don’t wait too long to spend it. Balance your cash flow and investments.
  • Design and build your personal Dream World
  • Find and connect with like-minded Dreamers the world over to enjoy your freedom with.


  • The only ones that matter are your own as to what constitutes “good” or “successful”.

How does the game work?

Level One: Skills and Income. Net worth and assets. Two ways to do it: rack cash over six-figure income and build wealth. This is the longer but easier route. Second way: build businesses and make them location independent. This is harder but you can turn it around quicker to escape level one.

Level Two: What does your dream life look like?

Refine your core values, find a spouse, start having kids, and test world locations either in your country or elsewhere. You cannot get out of this level until you have defined what your dream life looks like. And you must quantify how much money you need per year to live it.

Game Over
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Level Three: Escape Velocity. Once you have successfully navigated level one and two, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to finish the game. Level Three is about execution. You set up your dream world: base of operations, secondary locations, style, and mode of living.

Level Four: You Won the Game. Now you are out of the Matrix. Continue to refine your daily activities using your core values. Dodge world events like Neo dodges bullets.

Note: you don’t need a huge score to win the game. People think you need to have $10 million or more to exit the game. Some want to have 100 million or a Billion. They have not sat down and thought about how much money that really is and what you have to do to get it. It’s unnecessary. You only need enough cash flow and assets to do well.

Why play the game the way everyone else is playing it?

Why not have a cheat code?

All you need to win the game is the right cheat code.

Dream World Passport is the cheat code.

Come along for the ride as we build the community of people and knowledge (WAGMI).

We don’t have all the answers and things change fast, but we’re committed to figuring it out the best we can so we all win.

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