Travel Report for Asian Countries

Facebook Twitter Instagram It has been about 2 years since the pandemic hit and the year 2022 is drawing near, each of the countries is slowly adjusting to the huge change and is now finally starting to open up the boarders.  Let’s take a look at specifics for each country. Japan Japan is reopening the […]

Soon You’ll Be Able to Renew Your Passport Online


Facebook Twitter Instagram There’s a New Passport Renewal Program The service will go live in December, and once it does, you’ll be able to renew your passport online if you meet three requirements. This is for US Passports only. To be able to do your passport renewal online, you need three things: you have a […]

How to Work Abroad Without My Employer Knowing

How to Work Abroad with your employer knowing

Facebook Twitter Instagram The best way to hide your computer activity from your boss (and where you are located) is to set up a remote server from your current home and access it from abroad. This way you LOOK like you are at home. The second best is to have a VPN either installed on your computer […]

How To Fly Internationally With Your Dog: All Your Questions Answered


Facebook Twitter Instagram Do you want to know how to fly with your dog internationally or travel overseas with your pet? Many dog owners want to live and work overseas but are worried about airline restrictions on pets in the cabin (many airlines don’t allow animals in the cabin at all). They are confused about […]

Learning a New Language for Travel


Facebook Twitter Instagram Traveling to a foreign country can pose challenges when visiting a place where they don’t speak your native tongue. For example, how do you ask where the bathroom is? Where can you find a taxi? When does the local marketplace open? These can be reasonably easy to know or can become a […]

How a Baby Can Get Dual Citizenship


Facebook Twitter Instagram The second that a new baby is born into this world, it becomes a citizen of (at least) one country. How is that determined? 2 ways: By blood of the parents (Jus Sanguinis or blood meaning what the parents are) By location of the birth (Jus Soli or the Soil meaning where […]

Prevent Break-In and Protect Yourself from Intruders in Airbnb

AirBnB break in and how to protect yourself

Facebook Twitter Instagram What can be the biggest nightmare when moving to the apartment you’ve booked for your trip? Rude host? Mold? The apartment doesn’t look like the photos displayed on Airbnb?  That is definitely a horrible experience. But there could be nothing worse than having an aggressive intruder kicking the door in the middle of […]

How I Got Drugged in Mexico


Facebook Twitter Instagram Read and avoid being a victim like I was I woke up at 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon lying on top of my bed at my Airbnb with all my clothes on. The last thing I remember is being out with three Mexican girls in Guadalajara at 10 or 11 PM […]

Lost or stolen passport, what do I do now?

Lost passport

Facebook Twitter Instagram Stay Calm & Contact Municipal Government Offices (The US Consulate) People freak out when their passport is lost or stolen. This is a scary thing even when you are used to international travel. One moment your passport is there and kind of boring. The next moment, you’re having nightmares flash in your […]

Avoiding Double Taxation Living Abroad 2022

Avoiding Double Taxation Living Abroad

Facebook Twitter Instagram If you want to live outside your home country full time, you will want to figure out your plan for paying taxes. It all comes down to how long you stay in any one country in a calendar year (outside your home country) and the relevant local tax laws. Avoid paying double […]