The Ultimate ExPat

Anything is possible. Trump was President.

Forget politics. Doesn’t matter what you think of Trump either way.

Can you live a better version of your current life internationally?

We’re not talking about back packing through Europe or being a broke Digital Nomad working in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai. We’re talking about living a REAL LIFE the best way possible. In multiple countries. Fully diversified.

Anything is possible

💡You Have Three Choices In Life
  1. Sit around and complain about how things SHOULD BE. (Fun but useless).
  2. Work hard to change things HOW YOU WANT THEM. (Way better but takes too long).
  3. Live where they are ALREADY DOING IT the way you like it. (Seems easier, right?)
💡Imagine You Can Have Anything You Want
  • Live in MULTIPLE COUNTRIES (own or rent).
  • Live where the WEATHER IS GOOD.
  • Have a city place you like, a country place you like and maybe a beach place  you like. Split your time as YOU SEE FIT.
  • Make money in the US, Canada or Western Europe and spend it where it goes A LOT FARTHER.
  • Make US income and LEGALLY LOWER YOUR TAXES to a much more acceptable level.
  • BE FREE to move countries and/or cities as things change in the future.
  • Do EXTENDED TRAVEL to countries and live the same life with a significant other and/or kids.
  • FIND A GIRLFRIEND/WIFE or BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND outside of the small area that you have already met everyone in.
  • DIVERSIFY your finances, your citizenship, your location and your weather options. The only safe thing down the road is to have more options than you currently have.
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